Workshop Possibilities

  • An interactive workshop about Cross Cultural Awareness?
  • Dealing with Repatriation?
  • Helping your children to cope with an International Move?

Cross Cultural Awareness

In an interactive workshop we focus on how to become culturally aware, understanding your own transition process, and how to combine the two to make your new move successful. With hands-on tools and experiences this is an essential workshop for anyone who is planning for an International move.


The process of returning back from a international assignment involves expected but also unexpected readjustments. In this seminar we focus on the preparation in advance, the relocation, transition and readjustment . With interactive tools Key-Note will help you to understand and be ready for a move back ‘home’.

Children & International Move

The impact that living abroad has on your children and family is significant in many ways. Understanding and helping your children to settle well is the focus of this workshop. Understanding the concept of ‘Cross Culture Kids’, assisting smooth transitions of their educational needs and helping your children with healthy closures and new beginnings are just a few optional subjects. Tailor-made for your needs Key-Note will set up an interactive workshop.

Review by Ilana – Director of Marketing Communications & Events

”No one understands the sociological changes affecting expatriate spouses better than Betthilde. I attended Betthilde’s seminar titled, Cultural Awareness, after living as a trailing spouse for a year. Her ability to communicate and describe the phases and challenges of the trailing spouse is profound. Her seminar provided me with clarity about my own experiences and gave me a deeper understanding of my own journey. Betthilde shares her difficulties in developing a professional career amid frequent relocation to countries with different cultures and languages. She uses her own experiences to demonstrate how trailing spouses must constantly reinvent themselves after every move. Betthilde is a great public speaker who engages her audience with visuals and an interactive lecture. She has the unique ability to convey difficult sociological processes in simple terms using thought-provoking illustrations. Betthilde is an effective lecturer and I recommend attending her seminars.”

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About Betthilde

Active & Involved

My name is Betthilde Keij-Oldenhuis, a Master of Sociology, Bachelor of Education and a freelance sociologist, conductor and music teacher. My experience in International music teaching and leading cross-cultural workshops started in 2004, and has brought me to six different countries.

International Work Experience

During my years abroad, I have been able to strengthen my skills as a teacher and performing arts leader, working with colleagues and students from diverse backgrounds, with various employers such as the Australian Girls Choir (AGC, location Perth) and International schools in Paris, London, Qatar, Norway, South Korea and Australia. In South Korea I worked as the Arts Leader for Learning and Music teacher at the International School of Koje. In this position my responsibilities were focused on developing and leading learning in the arts and planning and facilitating concerts, drama productions & performances in school and in the wider community. A full Resume is available on request.


I am based in Vleuten, Utrecht (The Netherlands) with our family of five. My roots lay in a small town called Ulrum, in the province of Groningen. After finishing high school in Groningen I graduated at Wageningen University in Development Sociology. I am married and we have a son and two daughters.

Cross Cultural Workshops

Due to my husbands job we have been living abroad from 2004 – 2018. Being a sociologist and having moved six times internationally with our family I have great interest in cultural awareness. I am dedicated to help expatriates and repatriates to understand the challenges and opportunities of settling into a new country. As a guest speaker of many Cultural Awareness Workshops I have developed my clients’ awareness on the topics of cultural sensitivities and challenges of being an expat. My previous jobs and workshop opportunities have been for Global Outpost Services in Paris, Norway and South Korea as well as for the Chamber of Commerce and the PWC (People Who Connect) in Stavanger. Besides a Master of Science in Sociology, I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary School Teaching.

Flexible & Creative

Much of my experience is interchangeable – I have taught in six different countries within different school systems and curricula. I am flexible and I am used to work in a multicultural environment, and I have been able to use these experiences in each of my jobs. I am enthusiastic to help other expatriates where needed, providing them with the right information for their specific needs.